Dear Triangle

The kid brought this home from school yesterday – on Valentine’s Day – and I’ve been trying to figure out how to share it with y’all in a way that adequately expresses its staggering awesome, but I can’t. Words fail. So I’m just going put it out into the world and let it speak for itself.

And to answer your inevitable questions: no, I have no idea why, and no, I don’t understand it either. I just know it made me laugh-cry.

Be my valentine… Triangle

Dear Triangle,

I like you because you have three sides.

I like you more than any other polygon.

No way octagon – too many sides.

I think you’re just right!

Stay sharp,
[the kid]

The artist has informed me the drawing on the right is of her protesting octagons. Apparently there’s no cross-polygon love allowed. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. CHOOSE AND BE DESTROYED.

I love being a Mom, The End.

PS: “Stay sharp” – SNORT.

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15 Responses to Dear Triangle

  1. Dawn B says:

    The kid is awesome! As are triangles.

  2. That’s fantastic! And you MUST show her this – probably one of my favourite Sesame Street clips EVER (and the only tolerable way to listen to this song):

  3. Jen says:

    You know, that flush of new infatuation can be so heady, but maybe one day she will grow to consider – and yes, even love! – other polygons. Except those slutty octagons.

    • linderooni says:

      This is where someone needs to say, “That would be a great band name.” So I shall. Also, I love your daughter. The end.

  4. Audreyhosford says:

    If I ever have a kid, I hope he/she is half as hilarious, resilient and intelligent as yours.

  5. From Tracie says:

    This is full of the awesome!!

    “Stay sharp” – brilliant.

  6. Laurie Miller says:

    “No way, Octagon, too many sides” has me laughing like crazy. Also, “Stay sharp” is going to be my new sign off on all future correspondence.

  7. Andrea says:

    Here, here to the “stay sharp”…but I’m particularly partial to the Octagon protests. She’s an activist already which makes her rock even more!

  8. SuzyQuzey says:

    Triangles 4-evah!

  9. issascrazyworld says:

    Stay sharp? I adore that girl.

  10. issascrazyworld says:

    Stay sharp? I adore that girl.

  11. Crissy says:

    Best thing I’ve read all day, and quite possibly many days. Being a mom is the best, if only for the laugh-cry moments.

  12. muskrat says:

    Clearly, your child is awesome.

  13. Bethany says:

    Oh oh oh. That is TOO strangely funny. And this is why we do it. For random hilarity that the kids grant us. Awesome. Thx for sharing. stay sharp bwaha!

  14. Jenni Bost says:

    I can’t express how much I love this. I had to share with all I knew.

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